What is R4?

The Revolution for DS, known as R4DS or simply R4, is a series of flash cards used to make Nintendo handheld consoles like Nintendo DS and 3DS boot ROMs and games from the memory card. This added significant freedom to the usage of the device, as users could store multiple games on one memory card, and even save games in the memory card. R4 runs its firmware and games on a microSD card, and the original R4 has stopped production. However, there are many available 1:1 clones online, and they offer the same capabilities as the original R4. They might as well be considered the original R4.

R4 Features

  • Compatibility with all Nintendo consoles
  • Customization is available through GUI skins
  • Automatic microSD card detection
  • Sleep mode
  • Supports clean ROMs
  • Drag and drop usability, compatible with every OS
  • Restores game/app data even after soft reset
  • Supports soft reset with noPass
  • Wi-Fi Game, DS Browser and DS Rumble Pack compatibility
  • Latest media player included
  • Easy-to-download games online
  • DLD auto-patching
  • Automatic Wi-Fi updating
  • Built-in engine allows easy access to downloadable NDS games

R4 3DS is a flash card that is compatible with all Nintendo consoles, and it fixes some major flaws in the Nintendo 3DS. R4 3DS allows you to download files such as audio, movies, games and text files. This flash card is sold at a very affordable price compared to the competition in the market.

You can choose between different storage options ranging from 2GB to 32GB, and you can even purchase an R4 3DS with a microSD. However, these units tend to run at different speeds and specific microSD cards might be required.

By using the 3DS flashcard you can install many third-party applications, and use your 3DS as a storage unit for movies, audio and games. All this data is playable by the device, with the added functions of the R4 3DS, you can open almost any file. R4 3DS also allows you to install third-party applications that help the device outperform its stock counterpart.